Post-Summer – Pre-semester

I was on a two weeks vacation in August and didn’t care much about my journal. Still, a lot of things continued to become and manifest.


I’m happy I was able to go through Cybertext by Aarseth. It’s such an important piece, because he really though structurally on the medium, and not just about the content or reception, and what that makes out of the authors. But then again, Aarseth comes from literature studies and that is his lense, still today. That insight was also very important, since the book can bring me only that far. I’m super happy to have stumbled across the text by Möring and Fizek, because they reposition the digital game as image, and don’t only frame it on the narrative to ludic spectrum. In beginnings with Möring and very strong with Fizek, the digital game is thought through the lenses of image and visual design studies. I’m super happy that Fizek even refers to Vilém Flusser. Willumsen’s text was very important regarding critical code analysis and hermeneutically reading games’ source code. It helped me tremendously in understanding what kind of text source code is.


I realised that I have been busy on that front as well, and I’m very happy with the output so far

And now?

I’m super happy with how everything advanced so far, so are my supervisors. It’s a good start and I’m sure this will help me get through harder phases. I just need to remember then, how it was now and that such a state as now is possible. The summer helped me solidify everything and I feel pretty safe and secure with the position I have right now. I love the direction my dissertation is taking and I believe it relevant enough, a bit experimental, but also doable.