“formulates a simple algorithm that governs the whole of Paratexts: Paratext = peritext + epitext. The peritext includes elements ‘inside’ the confines of a bound volumeeverything between and on the covers, as it were. The epitext, then, denotes elements ‘outside’ the bound volume—public or private elements such as interviews, reviews, correspondence, diaries etc.—although Genette does comment that ‘in principle, every context serves as a paratext.’” (Koenig-Woodyard, 1999)

“applied to video games, the peritext could be interpreted as the box of the game and everything inside it (the housing medium and everything on it, the manual, etc.) and the epitext would be everything outside of the box (development and marketing material, interviews, reviews, and so on). But video games” (Guay-Bélanger, 2022, p. 665)